Top 10 Rocks Ballads of all Times

A ballad is the form of verse which is often narrative set to the music and it is derived from medieval French chanson balladee. If you are looking to know about top ten rocks ballads of all times then it is listed below such as

  1. “Never say goodbye” by Bon Jovi

As everyone knows never say goodbye is written by Richie Sambora and Job Bon Jovi. Generally this song was 4th single off 1987 album like slippery when wet. It has fantastic features of the drawn out vocals and slow beat. However it is entirely different from slippery when wet which is more upbeat. This kind of song might describe relationship between two lovers and their wish to stay together.

  1. Crazy by Aerosmith

This song is all about who leaves and packs up. The narrator might miss her and it makes his crazy. It was released in the year of 1994 and it might be written in 80’s with the angle. This song is having excellent feature and band is decided to space out the release. In fact angel was song which could be made cut for 1987 album.

  1. Nothing else matters by Metallica

This song was wrote by Singer James Hetfield and it is especially wrote for this girlfriend when talk to her on phone. It’s all about being on road and misses someone at home. It can connect people with many people. It is not only about two people but also it might about connection with lots of different things and connection with the higher power.

  1. November rain by Guns N roses

The group gun N roses is formed in Los Angles in the year of 1985 during pop was dominated by the pop metal and dance music. Guns N roses are brought ugly rock, roll crashing and raw back into charts.

  1. Still loving you by scorpions

This kind of the song come out in the year of 1984 on album love at first sting and this story about love affair.

  1. She’s gone by Steelheart

It was released on Steelheart’s debut album at 1990. This band went via certain iterations along with the lengthy hiatus.

  1. More than words by extreme

Nuno Betterncourt is acoustic guitar in more than words which is explained to Albany Herald. This song could be written as warning about phrase like I love you. This type of song sounds far from the extreme.

  1. We are the champions by queen

This excellent ballad was written by Freddie mercury and it is one of the popular songs of all time. Most of the research says that they are the champion and catches pop song of all time.

  1. I do it for you by Bryan Adams

This rock ballad was basically written to be part of the soundtrack and it could be featured in film robin hood prince of thieves.

  1. When I see you smile by bad English

This touching ballad song was released by the bad English on eponymous debut album in the year of 1989. The song rocketed band to fame and written by Diane Warren.

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