Ozzy Osbourne Announces his Farewell World Tour

Whenever Ozzy Osbourne is going to arrange the music event in any country, most of his fans are asking when he is retiring. Now, he has told the answer for this question that now he is taking a world tour to conduct various events in the varied places and countries. It will be his final or farewell world tour to make all of his fans enjoyed with his music. Ozzy recently announced that he will get on his final tour worldwide in this year 2018 and this trek will take the excellent Black Sabbath singer all over the world through the year 2020.

About Ozzy’s farewell tour

He said that this final world tour is his farewell tour to conduct different music events in the popular places of the world to make his fans happy and enjoyable at all. Although this farewell world tour will make his retirement as the touring music artist, this legendary singer plans to always continue his live performance at the particular shows following the global trip. This announcement of his final world tour as a singer usually comes 9 months later than Black Sabbath bid parting to all the interesting followers with their individual the last trek. This farewell world tour to conduct the various music shows and events will be starting in May 2018 and it will actually pass through the different cities such as Mexico, Argentina, Chile and 4 dates in Brazil. This is because he has more numbers of fans there. After that, he is planning to stay in Russia for 2 days in the beginning of June. Similarly, he has a plan to settle down for a month in the European country where this singer will perform at the most popular music festivals across a particular continent.

Some other details on his final world tour

• His touring plan to the North America is not yet announced and it is expecting to be announced at the beginning of the year 2018.
• Ozzy Osbourne is not only going to this world class music tour as a single person but he is also taking some others as the backing band and they include bassist Blasko, guitarist Zakk Wylde, drummer Tommy Clufetos and Adam Wakeman who is the keyboardist.
He has been in the music career for more than 4 decades and the prince of bloody darkness will represent on his farewell world tour. Many of the fans and the co-singers have told that he has experienced the most amazing things in the music career and he has been a milestone for the future generation kids who are all very much interested in music and singing. As a singer, he has been released so much of albums and single songs which won more awards and rewards. His band is the main backbone to conduct all the public music events and to complete all the albums in a pleasant and exclusive manner for making fans happy and enjoyed

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