Metallica celebrates 30 years anniversary


When you think of Metallica, do you have a feeling that you`ve known them forever? Well, maybe that is because they have been performing for 30 years now. How crazy is that, huh? :)) The bend decided to celebrate their 30-th anniversary with a full-on Metalica week in the Bay Area of San Francisco. The event will start on December 5-th, followed with four shows for their official fun club Met Club, which will also include special guests, rare songs, varied set lists and everything else you can imagine from Metallica. And when it comes to them, imagination just don`t have limits.
This is a great chance for the Metallica fans, to participate in a week of Metallica performances. The hosts of this event will provide the fans with a special four pack tickets, one ticket for each of the four shows, but they can also buy an individual show ticket, available for $6. The tickets will be available through a reservation system. Well guys, if you are Metalica fans, don`t waste this chance 😉

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