Black Sabbath Reunion?

Black SabbathThere have been many rumors about the reunion of the band. This new one is that the members of Black Sabbath apparently are rehearsing for a tour and a new studio album. The guitarist Tony Iommi and Ozzy Osbourne have been working on some materials this summer, which will be used in the new album. The album will be released in 2012. They say that the rumors were around for a long time, and the reason that the band did not reunite was the heart attack of the drummer Bill Ward in 1998. The band almost recorded a album back in 1999. In 2005 they have been on a tour together and since then, they never played together again. However, today Tony Iommy announced that this “news” is just an old story that was told back in June. Ozzy Osbourne have said many times that he wouldn`t mind to reunite again with his old band, but that he will not be very disappointed if it did not happen. Nothing is official yet. We will just wait and see.

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