Trust him, he is Indeed Dr.Ozzy

Trust me, I`m Dr.OzzyOzzy Osbourne…He is one talented unstoppable human being. First it was his music career, than the reality show, the first book “I am Ozzy”, and now he is adding in his resume his second book “Trust me, I`m Dr.Ozzy”. And he has every right to publish that book. I mean, look at his, he is a medical marvel. He is one of the rare musicians that was abusing all kinds of narcotics and he is alive to share the experience with us mortals. About a year ago, his DNA was examined, and there are some unexplained moments about that whole “Ozzy Genome”.Apparently, in his book he is pretending to be a doctor, and he offers all kind of advises, due to his superpower-abusing the drugs:). So, is you are curious little fella, but want to grow and live, take Ozzy`s advises, cause that man is a legend. He is literally dreaming his life awake:)

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