Doctor Bruce Dickinson?

Bruce Dickinson

Now, you think of Bruce Dickinson, and you are confused. Hmmm, is he going to operate my heart during a flight, while singing “Change of heart?” No you guys, he is not that kind of doctor (although we might expect something like that in a few years);) Iron Maiden`s Bruce Dickinson has received an Honorary Doctorate of Music degree from Queen Mary University in London. This is his second degree on this University. The first one was back in 1979 when he was an actual student. Although his parents wanted him to go to the Army, he got into college, which was his excuse. In a meantime, he was playing in bands, which was not a bed idea:) Bruce Dickinson received the Doctorate about his contribution to the music industry. And in case you are still wondering about the part in this post, where Dickinson operates your heart on a flight, don`t be. He is also a licensed commercial airplane pilot.
You go Bruce, you can still pursue all of your dreams:)

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