Anthrax and Testament Together on Tour

It seems like Anthrax is really looking forward to the fall tour with their buddies from Testament. The US fall tour will begin in Anhtrax`s Big Four hometown appearance at the Yankee More »

Drown by Smashing Pumpkins

As a fan of the Smashing Pumpkins discography, you must be familiar with their song “Drown”, which was very popular during the 90-ties. Today, they released an 8-track demo version of the More »

Welcome 2 Alice Cooper`s Nightmare

After all years of waiting, next month will finally be the month when the fans of Alice Cooper can enjoy his sequel to his album “Welcome to my Nightmare” that was released More »

Slipknot`s Frontman and Velvet Revolver`s Guitarist Together in a Super group

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is the idea of the future super group. Apparently, the frontman of Slipknot, Corey Taylor wants to form a group with Duff McKagan, the Velvet Revolver guitarist. More »

Black Sabbath Reunion?

There have been many rumors about the reunion of the band. This new one is that the members of Black Sabbath apparently are rehearsing for a tour and a new studio album. More »

The Most Popular Rock Bands for 2017

Many fans of rock music these days get ever-increasing interests to watch the programs organized by the most popular rock bands. They are very conscious about how to choose and use the best suitable entertainment in the rock music category. Loads of wonderful rock performances revealed in reliable platforms on online these days make all listeners satisfied. If you have decided to successfully use the reputable platforms specially designed for rock performance and amusement, then you can directly focus on the latest news and honest reviews about rock music band in detail.  It is the right time to listen to the list of top rock bands. Explore the following details and get an overview on the subject of the popular rock bands in 2017 without any doubt.

The best rock bands

As one of the most popular genres of rock bands, rock music catches the attention of everyone who likes to take pleasure in the best music entertainment. Many residents in the United States these days become devotees of rock and roll. They have successfully chosen and listened to different styles of rock music performed by qualified bands.  They wish to access and know about the latest news about the following rock artists.

  • Imagine Dragons
  • Twenty one pilots
  • Linkin Park
  • Metallica
  • Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers
  • The Lumineers
  • Coldplay

The most modern rock plays the major role behind the enhanced amusement of everyone. This music was usually found on TV and radio before a few decades. On the other hand, many people these days fall in love with the live rock band performance and explore overall opportunities for their leisure activities in the desired manner.  Readers of the most recent news about the best rock bands in our time get different benefits. They fulfil their expectations on the easiest method to make positive changes in their amusement.

Explore top rock bands right now

Individuals of every age group in recent times love unusual amusement and seek opportunities to get pleasure from the best rock band performance. They get different ideas about how to successfully make use of the most special nature of the rock band and search for op rock bands one after another. You can directly take note of the following details about rock bands and make an informed decision for properly using every opportunity towards the fulfilment of their wishes about the entertainment.

  • Wild Card Band
  • Dirty Pop Band
  • Royal Blood Band
  • Imagine Dragons Band
  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers Band

Committed and experienced musicians in the wild card band these days provide the most wonderful performance for every event beyond expectations of their customers. The amazing music from this band gives a wide range of advantages to everyone who likes to rock band entertainment in free time.

Many men love the performance of the dirty pop band and explore how to fulfil their imaginations on the extraordinary performance from successful musicians and vocalists.  They happily engage in their favourite leisure activities and keep up to date with the rock band without complexity in any aspect.

The Best Guitar Solos Ever Performed

  • Stevie tay Vaughan a unique attractive solo performer

The little wing by Stevie tay Vaughan had made everyone mad through his innovative performance based on “The sky is crying”. That was such a great he had expressed up a great dynamic prowess throughout by making his own cover and a seemingly lost art among the modern day of the guitarists. The seemingly lost of art which was among modern day of the guitarists and the Vaughans R and B style chord melody is like an pricless art and it must be admired and studied.

  • Jimi Hendrix gives a plenty of new feel experience

The Jimi offers a plenty of the reasons to get a lot of excitements in the watchtower solo and beside his masterful manipulation of the C# minor pentatonic scale. He just came out with a lot of melodic embellishments it has the power to even make a cat growl.

  • Eddie van Halen van Halen

He is one of the great aspiring rock guitarists when once you had seen his performance sure you would just fall in crazy with his performance. You would be a great fan for him and after that sure you won’t even miss even a single performance of him

  • Mark knopfler he raises your feelings

He would just spend a less time for making your harem moan and more time for making your guitar cry and sing. He is capable of pulling your inner feeling out and he had hearned the outro solo and the lazy way of playing eighth note triplets for the daunting Dm, Bb and C arpeggios and to get your fingers back to the wood shed.

  • The sweet child O mine by Slash Guns N’Rose that Appetite for destructions

When the Axl whined the swayed and the sashayed like the steve had wonder around the mic stand and from there to go next and after that the slash had laid back up with the less Paul and patiently waiting his turn in the spotlight. After that he had blistering the ascents up of with the E harmonic minor scale that makes the second guitar to perform solo that in turn changes into the high gear which had mad top hatter single handedly breathed up with the new life into the wah pedals.

This are just few but in reality you can able to find out a lot who can able to make you fly in the world of unreality. Where everything around you would be fully filled up with the different set of emotions that would made to strengthen up the relationship and with this power you can feel relaxed. When you find some time you can just download these solo guitar performance and you can just have a glance at that. Sure through that you can able to develop yourself mentally and become so strong in your level. Whenever you feel sad or lonely then at that time sure this would give you the best company for you.


Thirty Seconds to Mars will Release a New Album

The famous rock band of Los Angeles is Thirty Seconds to Mars which is initially formed in the year 1998 and the show is cast by Jared Leto, Shannon Leto and Tomo Milicevic. They have released many rock albums and this is one of the leading rock band also they conducted their shows in many places. There is an exciting surprise waiting for the fans of Thirty Seconds to Mars as they going to release the New Album including Walk on Water and Dangerous Night. Thirty Seconds to Mars New Album expected to release on April 6, 2018 as they are composing 12 more songs and their titles will be revealed in upcoming days also the New Album will be released soon with Walk on Water, Dangerous Night and twelve new songs which are being composed.

Walk on Water

Walk on Water song of the American rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars written by Jared Leto and Shannon Leto whereas the lyrics released on August 22, 2017, the song is lively performed for the first time on August 27, 2017 at 2017 MTV Video Music Awards and the official music video of this song is launched on November 8, 2017. This album is based on the genre electronic rock with the elements of gospel music and arena rock also this made a hit in many countries within a short period.

Dangerous Night

Dangerous Night released on January 25, 2018 and it is based on the genre Electronic Rock whereas this album is released after the victory of Walk on Water. This song is produced by Zedd and Jared Leto. The lyrics of Dangerous Night written by Stevie Aiello and Jared Leto and the song performed lively for the first time at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on January 25 performed by Jared Leto, Tomo Milicevic and Stevie Aiello. This song is quite different from their previous works as it is incorporated with softer sound along with electronic dance music. Day to day this album reaching the peak position in various countries.

  • After the massive hit of Walk on Water and Dangerous Night more expectations were created on the remaining songs of New Album among the viewers.
  • They are using varied range of musical styles to give a bang on in their performance.
  • Their concerts were held in many cities and you can check out their concerts tour dates and places in online.

Book the tickets earlier to enjoy the rock concerts of Thirty Seconds to Mars

Eagerly waiting for the launch of New Album then don’t be delayed book your tickets in online for enjoying the concerts by visiting the official site as the schedule of the concerts were provided in the webpage and then you can pre-order the New Album in this website before it runs out of stock. A remainder will be available for download the New Album on April 6 and by purchasing this album you will receive a digital download of Walk on Water and Dangerous Night.


Top 3 Rock Festivals in the World

Exclusive music festivals were being conducted around the world for the music lovers and these music festivals were storming around the world over many decades. The music festivals hosting millions of visitors from all parts of the world and this is making a revolution in the music industry. The rock festivals were the biggest treat for the music lovers especially for the youngsters to enjoy well with their friends and these music festivals will be the best enjoyment during holidays with friends. You can check the schedules and venues of the music festivals in online which are going to be held and you can enjoy the show by booking the tickets in earlier before the bookings are closed. The top three music festivals which are trending around the world are listed below.

  • Coachella
  • Tomorrowland
  • Benicassim


The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival which is popularly known as Coachella or Coachella festival that will be held at Empire Polo Club in Indio at California. This festival consists of various musical events of different genres are rock, indie, hip hop, electronic dance music and including art installations and sculptures. There are millions of visitors around the world to enjoy this wonderful event and it is one of the famous events of USA also this festival will lies as the beginning of the summer festivals. Especially there is a unique culture followed in this festival in the way of dressings including flower headbands and body glitters. For 2018, the festival will begin on 13th April and ends on 22nd April.


Tomorrowland is an electronic dance music festival which held in Boom, Belgium. This is the biggest electronic music festival in this world and it is specially known for its impressive on-stage spectacles and it is a non-stop musical party to enjoy well. The events of this festival for 2018 are going to start on 20th July and ends on 29th July and the passes for the shows can get in online. Also you can check the list of rock bands that are lined up to participate in this festival by viewing the official website.


The Festival Internacional de Benicàssim is an annual music festival conducted in the town of Benicassim and the music genre which takes part in this festival are Pop, dance, indie rock, indie pop, electro and including other elements such as short films, art and fashion shows. It is an international music festival and it is one of the well known music festivals of Europe. This festival is hosted with variety of big artists and music bands. This festival is favored for all seasoned festival goers and it is like a treat for music lover who have various taste of music. This festival will be conducted mostly on the second week of July. In 2018, the Festival Internacional de Benicàssim going to held on 19th July and ends on 22nd July. The shows of this festival will be started at late of afternoons and will go on until the early hours.

Who Will Perform on Slam Dunk Festival?

Slam dunk might take place at new south home in ground of the Hatfield house on May 27 and It is the rock music and pop punk festival which held in three locations across UK. Showcasing lineup of the 60 acts in Hatfield, Slam Dunk and Birmingham provides an excellent platform to your both desire bands. Slam dunk festival is providing complimentary companion ticket to disabled people. In case you are looking to attend this festival then you must require use of accessible viewing areas. You are always recommended to offer your PIP, DLA and benefits letter or registered severely impaired card.

Detailed information about slam dunk festival

In case you are looking to know detailed information about dunk festival then you must follow some effective tips. Purchase of the ticket might indicate agreement to below terms and conditions such as

  • Appropriate of the admission reserved
  • This kind of the ticket could be exchanged for the wristband before enter the site. You are advisable to check website nearer event date for the wristband exchange times and locations
  • Venue security reserve right in order to carry out search clients and bag checks
  • No illegal substance could be brought into the venue and proof of id is required to attend this festival
  • Government is issued photo id which is needed to entry for purchase.
  • Strobe lighting could be used during slam dunk event

If you are searching in online then you might easily find out the latest and updated information about slam dunk festival. Ticket holders are always recommended to appear for no fee in the recording or any filming of event attended. Payment plan is also available so you can choose the best payment schedule according to your requirements. In case you are failed to pay your balance amount or installments, your deposit amount could non refundable. You are advisable to read terms and conditions which is really useful to you. Slam dunk festival is announced headliner and this festival might take place from May 26-28. They have announced first wave of acts for the 2018 along with the Jimmy Eat world. Taking back Sunday might play at the slam dunk at 2018 and four things will be added to this festival such as sleeping with Sirens, four year strong, trash boat and state champs that could be added to the lineup.

Everything to know about slam dunk festival

Ticket for the slam dunk 2018 might officially go on the sale for Friday and online is the best platform to gather detailed information about slam dunk festival. This kind of the festival can relax you in amazing way. Once you search in online then you might know about North in Leeds and United Kingdom which is useful to you. Organizer might reserve right to the alter bill without the prior notification and tickets are neither transferable nor refundable. At the same time lost tickets could not be refunded or replaced. However ticket cancelled when whole event is cancelled.

Top 10 Rocks Ballads of all Times

A ballad is the form of verse which is often narrative set to the music and it is derived from medieval French chanson balladee. If you are looking to know about top ten rocks ballads of all times then it is listed below such as

  1. “Never say goodbye” by Bon Jovi

As everyone knows never say goodbye is written by Richie Sambora and Job Bon Jovi. Generally this song was 4th single off 1987 album like slippery when wet. It has fantastic features of the drawn out vocals and slow beat. However it is entirely different from slippery when wet which is more upbeat. This kind of song might describe relationship between two lovers and their wish to stay together.

  1. Crazy by Aerosmith

This song is all about who leaves and packs up. The narrator might miss her and it makes his crazy. It was released in the year of 1994 and it might be written in 80’s with the angle. This song is having excellent feature and band is decided to space out the release. In fact angel was song which could be made cut for 1987 album.

  1. Nothing else matters by Metallica

This song was wrote by Singer James Hetfield and it is especially wrote for this girlfriend when talk to her on phone. It’s all about being on road and misses someone at home. It can connect people with many people. It is not only about two people but also it might about connection with lots of different things and connection with the higher power.

  1. November rain by Guns N roses

The group gun N roses is formed in Los Angles in the year of 1985 during pop was dominated by the pop metal and dance music. Guns N roses are brought ugly rock, roll crashing and raw back into charts.

  1. Still loving you by scorpions

This kind of the song come out in the year of 1984 on album love at first sting and this story about love affair.

  1. She’s gone by Steelheart

It was released on Steelheart’s debut album at 1990. This band went via certain iterations along with the lengthy hiatus.

  1. More than words by extreme

Nuno Betterncourt is acoustic guitar in more than words which is explained to Albany Herald. This song could be written as warning about phrase like I love you. This type of song sounds far from the extreme.

  1. We are the champions by queen

This excellent ballad was written by Freddie mercury and it is one of the popular songs of all time. Most of the research says that they are the champion and catches pop song of all time.

  1. I do it for you by Bryan Adams

This rock ballad was basically written to be part of the soundtrack and it could be featured in film robin hood prince of thieves.

  1. When I see you smile by bad English

This touching ballad song was released by the bad English on eponymous debut album in the year of 1989. The song rocketed band to fame and written by Diane Warren.

How to Make your Own Home Studio?

If you had planned to design your home as like the studio then there is a need for you to arrange all the things as like that. You have to preplan and buy the products and fit them in the perfect places only then you would get the real feel as likes a home studio.

To give a feel there is a need of Desk/workstation

When you like to convert your home into studio then the first main thing that is needed is the desk. You may choose any different type of workstation that you are convenient with as like.

  • You can choose the on stage stands WS7500 it would contain a tiny upper layer for studio monitors. It also contains a large main shelf for desktop USB and interface with a slide out tray for a keyboard and mouse.
  • You can feel a complete change when you make use of the z line cyrus workstation it would contain a rollers on the bottom and through that you can able to easily move them to the different places. Along with that it also contains a large bottom shelf for computer towers.
  • When you want to feel so light then you can make use of the z line Claremont desk and this table would be easy for you to hold the things easily within it.

The second important one is the studio chairs

The studio chair would sure give you a perfect feel where you can sit relax and enjoy your movement with the happy feel. There are different types of the chairs are available with the different and innovative models.

  • The high end office chair which would give more flexibility to rotate and to make use of it by sitting relaxed.
  • Then a budget office chair when you sit and work in it you won’t get any back pain because it would be best companion for you.

There is also a need for Bass traps and Acoustic panel

These both are important for setting up the home studio the bass traps are used for absorption across the entire frequency spectrum and they are particularly participated for doing the good at the lower frequency levels. The Acoustic panel has the great absorbing skill even to the low mid to the higher range.

The next important element for setting home studio is diffusers

The diffusers acts as the main significant component of their acoustic handling plan because it generates a pleasant natural ambiences that too without eliminating too much of the liveliness of the room. It works up with the scattering, whatever sound force live in the room.

There is also a need for you to set the reflection filters

The reflection filter acts as like the workable alternative and it helps for the intended mainly for the vocal recordings.  Then the monitor isolation pads are used for decreasing the accuracy of the monitors themselves and through this you can even create a new and unpredictable resonance for any other objects that is receiving different vibrations.

Top 5 Electric Guitars for Beginners

Everyone would not be well versed in playing guitar but few would have that skill inbuilt within them. They would have the eagerness to know more and to learn the guitar from the basic. In order to start up there is a need for you to choose up the best guitar only through that you can able to learn a lot. Here are the top 5 electric guitars for beginners that you can choose

  • The attractive seagull S6

This guitar would contain a gorgeous domestic wild cherry clack these sides are provided up with a unique tone on this S6 original from seagull. That is blending up with the warmth of the mahogany that too with the crisp definitions of maple. It also contains a silver leaf maple neck on a shorter 24.84” scale with a rosewood fretboard is designed up which gives you quick and stable tuning.

  • The innovative and stunning Yamaha FG830

The FG version FG830 from Yamaha is a big sized customary dreadnought style that had been made up of with the hard spruce top with rosewood rear and surroundings that too with the natural finish. It is the best combination for the solo performance that too for playing up with the full band which had been newly developed for the scalloped bracing model that result in the powerful and balanced acoustic sound. It can able to produce the stronger lows and mids thanits procedures.

  • You can start up your rocking with Fender Tim armstrng hellcat

It has multiple and rocking features which the beginners would sure like to make use of that and they would really get impressed up with that. It acts as like a bridge to strat middle pick up and tele single coil neck pick up and these gives a ton of useable tunes.

Its dimension would be 9.5” radius and 22 extra-large frets and this instrument is constructed to compose fast and that would automatically increase the interest towards playing guitar. It also contains a 5 mode switching with a plus coil splitting tiny toggle would make them to use for many tunes.

  • Easy for you to learn and to make use of the squire vintage modified 51

It contains an enormous tonal versatility that would provide by the combination of a SH pickups and this would contain the configuration of a paired and with a rotary pickup selectors and a push and a pull coil. You can even able to get a fast feel and string bending ease from a satin finishes with C shaped neck.

  • You can equip yourself with the Epiphone LP 100 Les paul

When you start playing your Epiphone sure it would boost up your interest to the top. It acts as the best friend for the beginners who wish to develop their skill and it contains the 700T humbucker pickups and it is made up of with the rosewood fretboard and it is a 24.75” inch scale.

How to Get Better at Playing a Guitar?

Beginners and specialists in guitar lessons these days pay attention to the most outstanding programs suggested for easily learning the complex elements of music. They search for easy to follow methods for improving their expertise in the guitar. It is the best suitable time to be aware of smart techniques to find out how to be a qualified guitarist. Once you have decided to use the best in class approaches for learning the guitar from any location at any time, you can explore the most popular and recommended programs. The positive changes in your habit assist you to become skilled at the guitar play.

Play the guitar in the best manner

Individuals who have a guitar in their hands have to be ready to spend their leisure time and enhance their routine practices. They can spend their free time for enhancing their guitar playing. They will get an array of benefits from a proper use of the easiest and successful techniques to play guitar. Even though you cannot learn loads of things associated with the guitar one day, you can learn something new day after day. You can enrich your guitar playing and enhance various aspects of your approach to play your favourite musical instrument.  The following details reveal you how to play guitar better.

  • Play with other guitarists
  • Buy and use a suitable tuition book
  • Learn favourite songs
  • Get one-to-one pro lessons
  • Record yourself
  • Use technology

The complete details about guitar lessons and smart techniques suggested by experienced guitarists these days play the most important role behind the overall convenience of all beginners to this sector.  Once you have started using the most modern technology and learn how to play your favourite guitar, you can get a wide range of advantages. You will get different benefits from a proper use of the hassle-free method to play the guitar.

Use all opportunities on time

Teenagers and adults all through the world these days wish to learn how to successfully play the guitar. They are willing to compare the most popular and suggested guitar lessons on online. They will get enough guidance and take note of an easy method to successfully engage in the guitar lesson. Beginners to guitars these days do not aware about how to take care of their guitar in a proper way. They can use the most suitable products designed to keep the guitar clean and functional in all aspects.

Well experienced guitarists these days change their strings and try a capo. They are eager to make use of the most wonderful nature of the guitar lessons. They suggest loads of important things to everyone who has planned to get a good improvement in the guitar playing.  You may seek how to be good at guitar and realize your dream about being a successful guitarist.  Though guitar playing skill is not too complicated, you have to concentrate on different things to master in it. You can learn the basics and make use of the easiest methods to play the guitar.

The Best Guitar Stands on the Market

Attractive ads about guitars in our time encourage many people to explore every feature of these products one after another. You can directly take note of unique elements of these guitars at first and compare top guitars based on your requirements. You will get the most exceptional guidance and fulfil your imaginations about a hassle-free approach to narrow down a list of guitars. This is valuable to be mindful on an array of significant factors associated with the guitar stands used and recommended by satisfied users worldwide.

The best guitar stands

Manufacturers of the best guitar stands all through the world these days provide the best yet reasonable prices of guitar stands. You can pay attention to every feature of the guitar stand one after another and realize your expectations about the easiest method to buy a suitable product without compromising your budget.

All users of the world-class nature of the guitar in our time wish to successfully use the most suitable guitar stand designed and recommended by specialists in this sector.  They have decided to enhance various aspects of their proficiency in the guitar stands shopping and fulfil wishes on the most efficient use of the guitar stand.

Quality is one of the first-class elements to bear in mind every time you explore the most exclusive collection of premium ye reasonable prices of guitar stands. Once you have begun exploring the first-class nature of the guitar stands, you can make your wishes on the easiest method to invest in a high quality guitar sand come true.

Things to keep in mind

Almost every beginner to the guitar stand nowadays misunderstands that the guitar stand is particularly designed for laying their guitar whenever they do not play it. On the other hand, the guitar stand is an important product used to keep the instrument safe and enhance your professionalism every time. The overall cost of the guitar stands depends on different factors like as follows.

  • Material
  • Cost
  • Uniqueness
  • Size

Friendly and dedicated customer support representatives in every leading shop on online these days provide the world-class assistance required by all beginners to the guitar stand. They take note of various factors and compare top guitar stands as comprehensive as possible. The latest list of an array of choices on the subject of the guitar stands not only grasp the attention of everyone, but also increase the overall interests of all listeners to directly buy a brand new guitar stand.

You may do not have explored, compared or bought any guitar stand on online before now. If you have planned to successfully make use of the most special guitar stand at this time, then you can directly prefer the reliable website where all visitors happily purchase a suitable guitar stand at the lowest possible price. The most exclusive features of guitar stands these days give 100% satisfaction to all users.  You can seek advice from experts in this sector and fulfil your desires about the guitar stand shopping.